Notice Of Intended Marriage

(NIM or Notice)

This is the first legal document that couples need to attend to.

A “Notice of Intended Marriage” is required to be completed and received by me as your celebrant at least one month from your wedding date. The day that I receive it and endorse it means that you have officially ‘lodged’ or ‘given notice’. Your form is valid up to eighteen months from the date of receipt.

You can download a Notice of Intended Marriage form from me or if you are overseas you obtain one at an Australian Embassy or the Australian High Commission.


After completing your Notice, please do not sign it. In Australia, your signatures need to be witnessed by either myself as your celebrant, a Justice of the Peace, a legally qualified medical practitioner, a barrister or solicitor or a member of the Australian Federal Police or the police force of a State or Territory.

If you are overseas, there are different signatories required to witness you signing your Notice. These can be either *an Australian Diplomatic officer, an *Australian Consular Officer or a Notary Public.

*Australian citizens living, or in transit overseas with these qualifications are the only acceptable authorised persons.

Lodgement of your Notice

You do not have to be in Sydney or Australia to ‘lodge’ your Notice with me. Once you have completed it and have had it witnessed as required, you can fax or scan and email the form to me first. Please remember, the same rule still applies – that is your faxed or emailed Notice must be received at least one month prior to your wedding date. So by faxing or emailing your Notice to me will satisfy this requirement. The date that I receive and endorse on your faxed or emailed Notice and copies of your required documents (birth certificates/passport etc) will be classified as the ‘date of receipt’.