Unique Circumstances

Fiance Visa

I have helped and married many couples who have been in this situation where they needed to apply for a Fiancé Visa. So if either of you are intending to marry and settle here in Australia, please don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance.

The process is easy and there is no need to be concerned. After I hear your story, I will help you start the process and provide you with the required documents to support your application for a Fiancé Visa.

I will need to meet with the party residing here in Australia, so that a Notice of Intended Marriage form can be completed and endorsed by myself. As your marriage celebrant, I will then provide you with the necessary letter for you to present to the Consulate or Immigration Department.

Under these circumstances, I can accept your Notice with just one signature. The overseas party can sign the Notice after they have arrived in Australia. I can witness their signature when we meet up before the wedding. Of course, I still need to sight all original documentation's etc.

Shortening of Time for Notice

If you are unable to wait one month to marry, you can apply for a ‘shortening of time’ through a prescribed authority for approval which is either your local court or magistrate. I can provide you with a list of these ‘prescribed authorities.

Prescribed Authorities are the only ones who can shorten the required period, provided they are satisfied that the circumstances prescribed in the regulations are met. The reason for seeking a ‘shortening of time’ for Notice must fall within one of these circumstances:

If you find yourself in a situation where you require a ‘shortening of time’, we need to meet immediately to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form. The Notice, together with a letter from me as your celebrant and all your evidence to support your request for a ‘Shortening of Time’ must then be presented to the Prescribed Authority for approval.

Note: It is important that you understand that it is up to the prescribed authority to approve the application, and it is not an automatic process. The decision is not mine to make.