Renewal Of Vows

How beautiful is the union that stands the test of time. Moving in strength and unity of heart and soul and mind.

Ceremonies By Cath Renewal Of Vows Ceremonies

Many couples choose to renew their marriage vows for a variety of reasons, it could be that they are:

  • Celebrating a milestone anniversary from as little as 10 years through to their Silver (25 years) Wedding Anniversary and beyond.

  • Renewing their vows because their relationship have suffered a crisis such as a separation and they now wish to put the past behind them and start anew.

  • A couple who have married overseas where their loved ones were not there to witness it and they now wish to share the occasion amongst their family and friends via another ceremony.

  • Regardless of the reason, the common reason for all is that they wish to re-affirm their love and bond as a couple.

    Renewal of Vows ceremony or also known as Re-affirmation ceremonies are not legal ceremonies but it is still a very important rite of passage for couples who chooses to celebrate such a ceremony.

    Therefore, with the use of my Renewal of Vows manual, couples can choose the words, the readings or rituals to be included to make their ceremony a meaningful and very personal one. Including family members or friends or their children into their ceremony also adds that extra personal touch.

    The greatest compliment I received after conducting a Renewal of Vows ceremony was when the couple told me that “the ceremony they just had was far better and more meaningful than their wedding ceremony”.

    Commitment Ceremonies

    I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you, not only for yourself, but for what you are making of me.

    Cath Flavell - Sydney Civil Marriage Celebrant Commitment Ceremonies

    A Commitment Ceremony is NOT a wedding. A Commitment Ceremony is a wonderful way for a couple to express their devotion to one another. It is a ‘bonding of love’ between two people whether they are of the same gender couples or heterosexual couples.

    In Australia, this type of ceremony is not legally binding but instead it serves to show the couples’ commitment and love to each other and to receive public validation of their relationship from their family and friends.

    Such a ceremony can also be known as ‘Blessing Ceremony’, Union Ceremony’ or a ‘Joining Ceremony’. Whatever you want to call it, the significance of this ceremony is that it is an important rite of passage marking the transition from one social state to another in front of the couple’s family and friends. The ceremony can take place in a private garden or one of Sydney’s many parks, a home or any venue that is special to the couple.

    A Commitment Ceremony can include readings, a ‘statement of commitment’, the exchanging of rings, rituals and music. Again I am there to guide the couple with the loan of my comprehensive commitment manual. At the end of the day, the ceremony that I deliver will be that special ceremony the happy couple wanted.

    Naming Ceremonies

    Welcome baby to our world - how brave of you to come. We are here to welcome you, as your journey’s just begun

    Cath Flavell - Sydney Civil Marriage Celebrant Baby Naming Ceremonies

    A Naming Ceremony is a non-religious ceremony alternative to a baptism or christening and there are no legal requirements for a Naming Ceremony. While commonly known more to be celebrated for newborns, Naming Ceremonies can also be celebrated for people of all age groups, not just newborns and toddlers, but adolescence and beyond.

    The purpose of a Naming Ceremony is still the same. It is an important rite of passage in life and a wonderful opportunity for families to officially welcome a new member into a loving circle of family and friends.

    Naming Ceremonies can be performed anywhere - at your own home or in one of Sydney’s many parks, RSL or Golf clubs or function rooms. Often Naming Ceremonies are informal and lively with many children, which only adds to the atmosphere.

    Each Naming ceremony I compose is unique to suit the individual while accommodating the family’s wishes. The length of a Naming ceremony can be as long as you like or as short as you like.

    I have a Naming manual full of ideas and readings that I lend out to families to help with composing the ceremony. A Naming ceremony can include rituals such as the lighting of a candle, the sprinkling of magic dust, rose petals or drops of water. Participation from parents, siblings, grandparents and godparents are also encouraged, either through a reading or participating in a ritual.

    At the end of the ceremony, your child is presented with a beautiful framed gift from me which I commission from My Little Details. At the time of booking you will have to opportunity to choose the design that you want for your child.

    Below is a small selection of the styles available from My Little Details

    My Little Details Samples

    On the day of the ceremony, I allow the flexibility with when the ceremony will begin – especially if the ceremony is for a baby or child as we do need to fit in with how they are on the day with their sleeping time or feeding time. This is what makes performing a Naming ceremony so enjoyable!